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elite pilates

What is a Pilates Reformer?

Reformer Pilates is Pilates on a Reformer machine, and the most effective piece of kit in the entire Pilates repetoire. The Reformer is a spring based piece of equipment that provides both resistance and support. The Reformer's resistance (which can be changed depending on the exercise and depending on the individual using the machine) allows you to set it up to suit your body perfectly, meaning that all the work you do on it will be extremely effective, providing enough resistance to build strong bones and muscles, building strength while increasing flexibility.

The Pilates method using the Reformer gives our clients what they want in the least amount of time: a toned, energetic, lean,pain-free body that moves with ease!

Intro Reformer Classes

Suitable for clients brand new to Pilates.

This class is to introduce you to the Reformer machine and to the Elite Pilates principles - core engagement and connection, breathing, alighnment and breath. We move at a slightly slower pace as we take you through 60-70% of the repertoire of exercises that you would typically see in a level 1 class. 

For further information on Elite Pilates at The Health Club at The Kingsley please contact: