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the health club standard

The Health Club team are proud to re-share our “Health Club Standard”. This standard ensures the continuing health & safety of our members, guests and staff. Here at The Health Club we continue to prioritise the health and safety of our members, guests and staff. While our standards of cleanliness have always been high, the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic requires us to take this to an even higher standard – The Health Club Standard. The approach we continue to take is aligned with recommendations and guidance provided by our public health experts and industry bodies. Our dedicated Health Club team continue to work closely with experts in infection prevention, cleaning and sanitisation, to create a daily operating plan that is informed, comprehensive and consistent. Whilst our Health Club Standard applies to facilities and operations associated with The Health Club, it may not address every possible situation within the Health & Fitness environment. Our goal remains to meet or exceed any new health & safety parameters laid out by the Government and relevant governing organisations throughout the country. Our health & safety standards are updated on a regular basis. It is important to recognise that public health information can change quickly. We will be doing everything we can to update our standards and website as quickly as possible in response to these changes. We are in this together, and we must continue to work together to keep everyone healthy and safe

Safety & Cleaning Practices

  • The Health Club continue to operate revised cleaning practices and protocols in order to protect the health and safety of our members, staff and wider community. While many of these practices are adopted by our staff, our members will also continue to have a very important role to play in helping us maintain “The Health Club Standard”.
  • Updates to our Safety Cleaning Practices:
  • Significant increase in our touch point disinfection - this will ensure The Health Club receives a comprehensive thorough cleaning every day.
  • We have procured a one-step hospital grade disinfectant and contact sanitiser that will be used for frequent touch-point cleaning throughout The Health Club
  • There will be 15 minutes of dedicated cleaning time after every hour of member activity. This time will be used to reset The Health Club and prepare for the next workout block. (Please see 'Booking Workouts' for more info.)
  • The Health Club team will continue to adopt a “constantly cleaning” mind-set, ensuring special attention is always given to high-touch surfaces.
  • Members are required to wipe down their equipment BEFORE and AFTER each use. To make this convenient, additional spray bottles are in place throughout the gym area.
  • Additional hand sanitiser are available, including the installation of hand sanitiser stations at strategic locations throughout The Health Club.
  • Protective barriers will remain in place at designated locations where associates and members meet. This includes the front desk and ladies & gents changing rooms.
  • Locker availability will be reduced and cleaned after each use to ensure it is safe for the next member.
  • Covid-19 Officers (Lead Work Representative) are in place to monitor and champion adherence to protocols.
  • The one person per lift rule remains in place. Lift will only be made available to those who are vulnerable or less able. All staff and other members & guests are required to use the stairs
  • Our Glofox booking system remains in place for the scheduling and pre-booking of exercise slots to facilitate pre-booking and cleaning in advance of the next session beginning

Booking & Capacity

With online booking, we have found the appropriate balance between providing the safest Health Club environment possible AND an exceptional experience for our Members.

Here's how it helps everyone:

  • Guarantee your workout time: Members will be greeted at The Health Club when your workout is scheduled to begin.
  • Maintain a safe Health Club capacity: A pre-set capacity helps facilitate physical distancing and reduces the potential spread of communicable illnesses.
  • You can work out without booking, BUT with capacity limits, you will only be allowed entry if there is space. A booking guarantees your spot.
  • To create our booking system, we closely reviewed past check-in volumes, Health Club square footage and government regulations.
  • Please ensure that you bring your Health Club membership fob when you come for your workout. This will ensure you start your workout on time.
  • Members are permitted to book into pre-scheduled 1-hour time-slots, up to 7-days in advance of advance.
  • To ensure everyone has a chance to work out, Members are permitted to book only ONE time block requiring the use of a locker / shower per day however, they are welcome to try and walk-in at any other time block or book a Gym Only No Shower Or Locker slot, as many times as they like, on the same day.
  • Members who no-show on their Health Club access bookings more than twice in a 2-week period will be unable to book for 7 days. These members will be permitted to walk-in, if space is available.
  • At the end of a workout time-slot, all Member’s must leave the Health Club, regardless of their entry time.
  • Members who have not shown up for their workout, at 15 minutes after the beginning of their booking time slot, may have their spots given away if there are walk-in Members waiting to enter.

From 01/11/2021 We Will Be Increasing Capacity Numbers In Our Changing Areas, However The Requirement For Physical Distancing Will Continue Until At Least February 2022 As Per Government Announcement 19/10/2021.

We Are Adopting A Collective Responsibility Approach Throughout The Health Club & The Health Club Team Are Very Grateful To Our Valued Members & Guests For Their Continued Support.

Members will be permitted to book into the following areas of the Club:

  • Gym (No Locker Or Shower)
  • Female Member Swim
  • Male Member Swim
  • Female Gym Plus (Require The Use Of A Locker And Or Shower)
  • Male Gym Plus (Require The Use Of A Locker And Or Shower)
  • Fitness Classes (When They Resume)
  • Personal Training sessions will continue to be booked by your trainer. Clients do not need to book a workout themselves in order to enter the Club for their session

Amenities & Equipment

We continue to abide by strict capacity requirements to ensure we are meeting or exceeding the recommendations set by public health authorities. We will also continue with the temporarily closing of services and amenities where physical distancing is not possible or where other risk factors may be present.

Reduced Amenities

  • Group Fitness classes including Speedflex and Indoor Group Cycling will have a maximum capacity of 6 participants. Participants are permitted to have mixed immunity status as we will continue to operate with Pod Of 6 method
  • Studios will continue to house fitness equipment to accommodate social distancing guidelines
  • Members are encouraged to bring a pre-filled water bottle for their workout. Water fountains will be equipped with bottle fillers, but members are not permitted to drink directly from the water fountains.
  • We have implemented measures including signage and placement to ensure physical distancing can be achieved. Where possible, equipment may be disabled and / or relocated to facilitate this. Members are still expected to use best judgement when determining if a piece of equipment or workout area can be used safely while maintaining recommended physical distancing.

Sauna, Steam Room & Spa Pool (Jacuzzi)

  • Our Sauna & Steam room remain in operation with ongoing social distancing measures in place:
  • As our Sauna temperature is set at 80° C, we are permitted to operate our Sauna as long as physical distancing is adhered to all times. Therefore, we will continue to operate with a Maximum of 2 users at any one time. We respectfully ask that social distancing guidelines are adhered to all times when using our Sauna facility.
  • As our Steam room temperature is set at 45° C, we are permitted to operate our Steam room as long as physical distancing is adhered to all times. Therefore, we will continue to operate with a Maximum of 2 users at any one time. We respectfully ask that social distancing guidelines are adhered to all times when using our Steam room facility.
  • Our Spa Pool (Jacuzzi) will reopen from Monday 01/11/2021. We will commence to operate with a Maximum of 2 users at any one time. We respectfully ask that social distancing guidelines are adhered to all times when using our Spa Pool (Jacuzzi) facility.

Closed Amenities

To reduce the number of potential touchpoints the following services and amenities will remain temporarily CLOSED until further notice:

  •  Thermal Suite – We are monitoring government and industry guidance closely to allow us reopen our Thermal Suite facilities to our Platinum Membership holders as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.
  • · Hairdryers are not available
  • · Guest Passes & Guest Visits are temporarily suspended until further notice. Please contact The Health Club for further information

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Yours Sincerely,

Lloyd Fitzgerald

Health Club Manager