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flourish organics

Flourish Organics

Nestled in the Kerry Mountains Flourish Organics is inspired by the unspoiled landscape to produce our organic skincare range in harmony with nature. All products are handmade in small batches by husband and wife Geraldine and Klaus Woessner to ensure the highest quality. We have only one planet and Flourish Organics take this into consideration and treats both with love and care.


Flourish Organics Chakra Balancing Massage

70 minutes | €110pp

This unique massage uses a combination of 3 aspects which work synergetically to relax and ease physical ailments in the body and instill peace and a sense of wellbeing in the mind. it brings balance and harmony to the energy centres of the body. Aromatherapy harnesses the energy and therapeutic benefits of the finest organic flowers, herbs and resins and blends them to create an oil that is not only pleasing to the senses but a powerful healer of physical ailments and harmonizer of energy. Massage techniques which are fluid and relaxing work in conjunction with the lymphatic system to make sure the body receives optimal benefit from the Aromatherapy.

Energy work: Each massaage is infused with a gentle healing energy which adds an extra dimension to the treatment - deeply relaxing this Chakra Balancing Energy flows through the entire Chakra System clearing any blockages, warming both body and emotion and bringing harmony and healing to Body, Mind and Spirit. 


Comfort Touch

55 minutes | €100pp

Flourish Organics helps to care for and nourish the most sensitive of skin with its natural and organic ingredients. Gentle blends of aromatherapy oils help to soothe and calm on a physical and emotional level and aids patients dealing with skin-related side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Each treatment includes an in-depth consultation with your expert therapist, which will enable your therapist to tailor the treatment specifically for your individual needs.