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body Treatments

Whether you're enjoying a relaxing spa break in Cork or simply wish to rejuvenate a tired body then choose from our extensive rnage of body spa treatments in The Spa at the The Kingsley


Body Scrubs

20 minutes | €60



Lime & Lemongrass Salt Scrub

Perfect for reviving tired skin. The fresh lime and zesty lemon notes in the gorgeous scrub make it a perfect pre-cocktails pick-me-up.



Matcha Green Tea & Coconut Oil Body Polish

This deeply detoxifying, green tea polish makes this scrub a perfect prelude to slimming and anti-ageing body care. As the greenest and the most prestigious of green teas, Matcha lends its unique colour to the product.



Nectarine & Honey Body Salt Scrub

The healing, nourishing and anti-oxidant properties found in this lovely blend of oils, combined with the skin awakening qualities of citrus, make this the perfect sweet treat for beautifully smooth skin.



Yuzu, Beetroot and Watermelon Scrub

A deep and effective exfoliation helping to stimulate circulation, and flush out toxins. Rich in iron and vitamins, this scrub contains beetroot, which is known to purify skin, leaving it bright and glowing, the watermelon is incredibly uplifting leaving your skin picture perfect.




25 minutes | €60pp

A luxurious envelopment experience, excellent for tension and stress relief. Accompanied by a relaxing scalp massage. Customise your experience by choosing from one of the following ingredients;



This fresh & detoxifying body wrap is formulated with numerous health enhancing components and anti-oxidants, such a flavonoids and vitamin C and E.



Containing fruit acids known for it's cell renewal abilities, this wrap leaves the skin feeling toned and illuminated.



A soothimg and gentle luminous rice body wrap, which is excellent for relaxation and skin brightening. Your skin will be left smooth, hydrated and silky.



A relaxing and nourishing wrap which provides a wealth of minerals such as magnesium and zinc which work is synergy with vitamins A, B & E


Discovery Skin Journey

50 mins | €70

1.Choose Scrub:

Invigorating - Lime & Lemon Grass Salt Scrub

Calming - Nectarine & Honey Salt Scrub

2. Choose Aroma Steam Shower:

Tropical Odyssey -  evokes the invigorating sensation of tropical rainfall. You will be transported to the heart of nature at its finest, captivated by the vanilla and neroli, stimulated by the vitamin-rich mango and papaya pulp and revitalised by the tangy freshness of the pineapple. Enjoy without restraint whenever you feel the urge to travel.

Smooth Odyssey - contains the secret to relaxation and satisfaction. Your mind will be calmed by an infusion of lavender essential oil mixed with verbena and tea tree, ready to float away on the soothing notes of vanilla. Try this deeply relaxing experience whenever you want to stop time in its tracks. 

3. Choose oil application:

Invigorating - Rosehip, Rasberry, Evening Primrose & Ginger

Calming - Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile & Neroli.

4. your choice of herbal tea:

Invigorating - Strawberry & Mango

Calming - Chamomile Tea



95 minutes | €145


Full Body Exfoliation, Body Wrap with Luxury Scalp Massage & choice of either a Mint Infused Full Body Massage or Bamboo Deep Cleansing Facial

The body is cleansed with our Asian inspired Zingy Lime & Lemongrass Salt Scrub, which is then complimented with a stimulating Ginger and Star Anise Body Wrap and polished off with a choice of soothing yet invigorating Mint Infused Full Body Massage or a Bamboo Deep Cleansing Facial. 



Full Body Exfoliation, Body Wrap with Luxury Scalp Massage & choice of either a White Flower Body Massage or Luminous Rice Facial

Begin your journey with a detoxifying body polish of anti-oxidizing Green Tea and soothe with the gentle Luminous Rice Wrap to help relax and brighten the skin. Complete your journey to the sublime orient with a choice of either a White Flower Full Body Massage to aid circulation or a Luminous Rice Facial.



Full Body Exfoliation, Body Wrap with Luxury Scalp Massage & choice of either a Gold & Honey Full Body Massage or Gold & Caviar Facial

Our Gold Body Scrub will invigorate and revitalise the skin, preparing your body to be cocooned in our sparkling Champagne & Caviar Extract Wrap. Your therapist will then treat you to a Luxury Scalp while your wrap works wonders, nourishing your skin and melting away tension. We just can't make up our minds which one is nicer, so we will leave it up to you to choose the final chapter of your ritual. Choose from either a Full Body Gold & Honey Massage, or a Gold & Caviar Facial using luxurious and natural products.