OTO CBD-Infused Sensory Experience

oto cbd sensory experience

OTO delivers the world’s first sensory CBD-infused massage experiences that contain pure CBD isolate in the most luxurious massage oils to deliver muscular relaxation quickly, and sound therapy to alter your state of consciousness, with the aim to balance homeostasis, promote relaxation and manage stress.

oto cbd balance - deep relaxation massage

90 minutes | €175pp

Pause and rebalance. Designed to be deeply restorative and help with sleep. This full body massage uses CBD oil, infused with Jasmine, Helichrysum and Roman Chamomile, to calm the nervous system resulting in deep relaxation. Combined with an OTO signature sound therapy and Rose Quartz crystal, used for its deep inner healing properties, for a powerful balancing and restoring experience.


oto cbd amplify | re-energising massage

90 minutes | €175pp

Release the tension. Designed to ease tension and unravel tightness in tired muscles. This full body treatment uses CBD oil infused with Bitter Orange, Grapefruit and Juniper Berry, coupled with a handcrafted bamboo roller to rejuvenate deeper levels of the muscle. Combined with an OTO signature sound therapy and the placement of Red Jasper crystal, renowned strong grounding properties, for a profoundly regenerative experience.


oto cbd focus | rejuvenating massage

90 minutes | €175pp

Focus the mind. Designed to calm and refocus a busy mind. This full body treatment with stimulating scalp and foot massage, uses CBD oil infused with Ginger, Black Pepper and Frankincense, renowned for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Combined with an OTO signature sound therapy and the harmonising qualities of aventurine crystal to help reduce feelings of anxiety and improve concentration.


oto cbd signature | renewal facial treatment

60 minutes | €130pp

Created using our award-winning products with the power of CBD. An “OTO strength” application with firming & lifting movements to work on the facial muscles using hand crafted, natural Bamboo pieces, hot basalt and cool stones, and the wonderful art of breath work with placement of Quartz for its cleansing properties.


oto cbd signature | target treatment

60 minutes | €135pp

Your OTO CBD treatment is customised using a range of techniques including Swedish massage and massage tools. Your journey will consist of a consultation focusing on a specified area, choosing from Back, Neck & Shoulders, Hips & Legs and Front of the Body. Hot and cold techniques are used including a scrub, to help increase blood circulation and to allow the blend of your OTO moment CBD Body Oil to penetrate deeper into the muscles. Your OTO CBD Ritual can promote pain relief, reduced anxiety, and reduced muscle tension.


oto cbd signature | dual infused experience

60 mins | €135pp

This CBD therapy combines a deeply relaxing OTO Back Massage with a firming and lifting OTO Facial incorporating the therapist hands and crafted natural bamboo pieces. Choose from an AMPLIFY, FOCUS, BALANCE OTO moment oil to tailor your treatment to your specific needs for a complete skin, mind, and body CBD experience.


OTO Spa Oil Ingredients & CBD quantity A blend of organic grapeseed oil and coconut oil as the carrier oil, containing 25mg pure CBD isolate per 25ml in three variants:

  • FOCUS containing Ginger, Black Pepper and Frankincense
  • AMPLIFY containing Bitter Orange, Grapfruit and Juniper Berry
  • BALANCE containing Jasmine, Basil, Fragonia, Helichrysum and Roman Chamomile

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