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Our Bees

The Kingsley recognises that we all have a responsibility to the environment. As a hotel, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving environmental performance through a range of ways including supporting local biodiversity.

Biodiversity helps to boost the productivity of ecosystems where every species, even the smallest of insects, play a vital role in our environment. Over one third of the Irish Bee species in Ireland are now threatened with extinction. This has been caused by ongoing deforestation and the reduction in available flowers for bees to home themselves, pollinate and feed. 

At The Kingsley, we are passionate about Bees. Thus, we have installed five beehives on the hotel rooftop. They currently host 5 Queen Bees and 250k Bees in the height of the Summer. The efforts from these Bees, combined with the help of The Kingsley Beekeeper, creates The Kingsley Honey.

*The Kingsley Honey will soon be available to purchase at Bean & River, to the rear of our hotel.


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